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I can honestly say I love working for TUJJU. It's been fun since day one. Everyone on the team was very nice and helpful.As a freelancer, working for TUJJU allows me to manage my time easier for me to accomplish tasks. While working for TUJJU, I can say that I'm continuously improving my translation skills. It also makes me happy that the translations I've been working on will make a viewer have a better watching experience.I really hope to stay with TUJJU and see it achieve more success in the future!


Professional, reliable and excellent communication are just a few takeaways when working with the TUJJU team.
More than happy to be part of the great services they provide


Started working in November 2020 and been a cooperative translator ever since. Tujju has shaped translators to work in a fun, engaging and interactive virtual experience. The training was simple and clear. Excellent on time communication has helped to make the work environment much more pleasant. As a satisfied freelancer, TUJJU is indeed a wonderful experience to explore your writing, copying and translating skills. Thank you!


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Join FAQ

How can I join TUJJU as a freelance translator?

Send your introduction letter, CV, and portfolio to our email: You will also receive training and test, and it will be distributed via email.

What are the requirements to become a freelance translator at TUJJU?

You must have a Windows computer, be able to speak the source and target language fluently, and submit any tasks assigned to you within the given deadline.

What languages do I have to master to become a freelance translator at TUJJU?

We accept any language! We have translators that master Korean, Japanese, Thai, Malay, English - the list goes on. You just have to be able to fluently speak, read, listen to and write the source and target language.

What are the working hours like?

You may accept or decline the task. But once you accept it, you must finish it in 24-48 hours depending on the duration.

Can we do our work from home?

Definitely! In fact, you can work from anywhere.

Freelancer FAQ

How is the project distribution system?

We have a TMS (Tujju Management System), and once you are accepted, everything will be according to the system, including the task distribution.

How long is the duration of each project?

Our projects are project-based type, so we solely depend on the volumes our clients give us, but once the batch is finished, you will get the opportunity to be offered other volumes and/or other projects as well.

What software do I have to use for subtitling?

In TUJJU, we use Subtitle Edit, which is ONLY available to Windows Computer users. With this software, the texts can be shown directly on the video for maximum quality. 

How much is my rate?

Your rate depends on the project that will be assigned to you; since different projects could have different rates.

How will I get paid for my work? 

You will have to request an invoice by 25th to 28th of each month. The payment will then be processed 30 days after the invoice is requested. For now, we only do bank transfers.

Is there any cut to my payment?

The answer is NO. All tax and administration fee will be paid by us. And since we only do Bank Transfer, there will be no conversion fee, as all payment will automatically be converted into your currency.

What are the genres that I will work on?

You will work on various genres; action, drama, romance, thriller, you name it! Different projects might carry different genres.

Can I decline or cancel a project? Will there be a penalty if I do?

You can and will not be penalized if you decline a task within 4 to 7 hours after it is distributed to you, although if you decide to cancel after accepting a task, we will take more consideration before assigning you more tasks in the future.

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